The Beaten Up Path.

As most people are doing some kind of social media these days, I too was on my facebook page. Most of my posting and sharing is in the form of positive and spiritual relevance. Tonight though was diferent. Tonight my neice had posted something that was upsettng to me. She had been beaten up and violently abused. She was posting this for the world to see and we all tend to look the other way when we dont have an emotional tie to things of that sort. It is not to say it is right, but we have been conditioned through the years to accept alot of things that we should not. She showed a picture of huge amounts of hair in the trash can and it was quite a substantial amount. ┬áThere were about 22 comments that were just as terrible as the act of violence that she had posted to her page, from the people that she loved and were in her immediate circle of family and freinds. What struck me and why I write this is, we the people of a nation that use to take our coats and lay them across a water puddle for the old woman not to get her shoes wet, now are a nation of “if you say something I do not agree with I will just beat you up or worse yet have you desyroyed.” A negetive action followed by 22 more negative actions. That is not good math or even a good thoughts. What ever happened to “lets talk about this” or “I am sorry”. For Pete’s sake people can we come to fair and balanced debate on the topic of disagreement. Or do we have to reach out and always beat them up and then everyone wants even worse, revenge. Where does it stop. I often think of the International Space Station. The men that are there and the new life that one day will live there, be born there and die there. Will they get along or will they just be a society of the beaten up path. When I was in the 1st grade. I was completely taken by some writing in stone on the outside wall of my elementary school. I would go outside for resess and read what was written. The Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have others done unto you.” I am not seeing it these days. I am not seeing much good at all. The whole world is in chaos, it is hard and empty and cold and upsetting and wonderless and almost Godless. The males and females of the times at hand seem to want the drama, to want the heartless and selfish ways. I do not understand. What will become of my neice? I am not a betting person but, if I had to put money on it. I would bet she goes back to the same beaten up path she just shared with the world. Just sayin.