My friends. My tree

My friends. My tree           I have recently developed this new social friend tree. And of course I am new at this so what I do in the beginning does not take hold or change your perspective until you realize that this grouping has rooted. It starts un denounced, catching you completely off guard. Then soon your crying and laughing and commenting. You find yourself praying for families, dropping to you knees and praying for the people you have never met. Just a picture or a name at the end of a tablet or the keys to a pc. Life has evolved. But love is never estranged. It is grandeur, sophisticated and common. Love takes you to top of the highest mountain. It shows character were character is due. Some friends have lost loved ones. Some lost young children, some lost them selves. We all share in a foundation that is so intense and wide in spirit and we hold back from setting this deep. When we root we don’t think about the depth of our magnificent plan. We don’t consider the fact that we are all stretching our limbs out to be exalted and digging deep to stay stable. We love. We feel. We reach. We should always without ignorance remember that, we are not alone. My tree now holds many, and the many will increase and my purpose for my existence is not to grow and to shed away and wilt to dry and be covered by the dust of the future. But, to become the future, to tell of things that have been and that are. All of us share in this creation of friends and of new beginnings and of simplicity. To love and to unite and be as one. You and I have so much in common, we are friends and we will grow together and we will create together. Love shall pour like water off our limbs. Hold fast a mighty branch for the days are short and the nights are long. Tomorrow, let the Son shine upon your face and fill you heart. In God’s grace may you root and in his grace may you bloom and grow. My friends. My tree.     

My tears bear my words.

My tears bear my words.     My heart cries out “Lord God, the whole world hurts and is afraid!” I try to speak aloud, to send my prayers out to you, but my mouth can’t keep up. My eyes pour out my tears, my words are running down my face and are lying on the table where my head is held. Is there something I can do? Is there any way to stop the genocide that has begun again? I am one person, one being. I do not have a voice and with what action can I take. It is like my hands and arms are tied I do not have the ability to help anyone. Being strapped in the moment and the helplessness that consumes me. I do have the strongest of words, though they lay in a pool of fluid. Emotional fluid with language that is more diverse than any language a man has spoken. It is the language of love. It was given to us by God himself. In the garden, when God gave us breath. He is our Father in heaven, His life he offered, and with His life the unconditional way to forever. Love, fear, emotional tribulation. It is with those things, we pray and we forgive and conquer over the worst that is forced upon this earth. These words to me are like a whisper. I hear them because I need them, I hear them because I want them. These words, “Our only hope is in the Lord.” In my tears, in my thoughts and all of my prayers however quiet or loud they may be. Those words whisper true. They are my tears, it is what I hold on to, it is what I cling to for every person of every nation of the earth. Love, peace and kindness. God blessed the earth in the first days and He will bless it again in the last. My words will stream down my face until my last breath. God hears me, he has heard my heart and he has given me hope in what lies ahead. The Bible is our go to place. It is our refuge in these days of savage actions upon the young and the old. Hear his word as he has heard mine. God bless and in his Grace may you stay.